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Hey folks, crazy times out there, with a lot of uncertainty around us.

If you are a coach who is using Facebook and Instagram to the highest potential (I mean the Ads, don’t go all branding on me, that’s a completely different discussion), this case study is just for you.

I’m going to break down how we obtained a 5 figure Info product sale for a client in the Sales Coaching Industry.

We used the 5 Day Webinar Funnel, which is a low ticket + high-value product delivered over a period of 5 days and ends with a Value-driven Sales webinar to sell the level 2 product. The Level 3 product upsell is taken care of by the level 2 course structure.

I’m not going to discuss the course structure, nurturing sequences because of this a Fb Ads Case Study( duh!!)

Ad Creatives

Basically, we’ll need good video creatives. What I’ve noticed in the last 3 campaigns is that authenticity sells. It’s not always about “data” and “hacks” that improve the conversion rate.

We made a video of course creator presenting the ‘Why’ of the course which actual course itself, in 1-1.5 minutes long. We used this as the main creative. 

“Be sure to create an amazing thumbnail or have someone to do this for you.”

We added subtitles to our videos. Either use a VA or do it yourself if you know. We use Filmora + Happy scribe for our clients.

We created 2 more videos presenting the top 5 benefits for joining your course and 1 more video where you include a short FAQ. If you have video testimonials of your clients, add those as well and be sure to add subtitles to all of the above.

We used the first 3 videos for the top of the funnel.

Ad Copy

We leaned on an attention-grabbing long-form copy. If I have to break it down, this is the template

Grab Attention

Emotional true statement

Question the prospect about the problem he is facing (Make him say yes!)

Present the solution

Explain the course


Down the line, we tested a lot of variations of this copy and also tried story-based ad copy, which was a game-changer.


We had good data of our niche, so we did directly launch a Conversion ad for cold traffic with a direct copy towards our landing page, targeting 6 interests with audience size between 1-3 Million in 6 adsets with a CBO campaign with at least $100 bucks a day. Be sure to set a min spent of at least $5 for each adset.

The optimization event was set for “Purchase” (or whatever event you have for an action completed/course bought) and 1-day click (not 7 days). Be sure to use Conversion Campaign

We follow the Graduation testing framework of Depesh Mandalia and went ahead with that.

We created a VIDEO VIEWS + ENGAGEMENT Campaign for people who liked our page (or subscribers or top audience interests) so that we get a flow of likes and comments (social proof) for our top video


Setup retargeting for the following audiences:

People who viewed 95% of your main video in the last 7 days

People who viewed 95% of your main video in the last 14 days

People who visited your landing page in the last 7 days

People who visited your landing page in the last 14 days

Exclude people who purchased

We tested two creatives for this audience, the ones with the top 5 benefits, and see which converts better. Use a conversion campaign with the Purchase objective.


We created the following audience:

People who viewed 95% of all your videos (main video + top 5 benefits video)

Website visitors in the last 30 days excluding visitors in the last 7 days and also people who purchased

Use the FAQ video or any testimonials video you may have.

PRO Tip:

Include video testimonials in your comments, they will be seen as the first comment and it will add extra trust.